Two Hollywood A Listers taking on the likes of Dover and Boreham Wood has made 2020 a whole lot weirder

“I’d rather see the man from Deadpool chomping on a chicken balti pie at Boreham Wood away on a Tuesday night, than watch Jose Mourinho berate another referee from the touchline.”

It’s been an exceptional year in both a good and a bad way.

The Covid-19 crisis and all it has brought with it has been utterly devastating, and came after the Australian bush fires and horrific floods.

On the good side we have seen overwhelming kindness and in the UK, a nation that has come together in adversity.

In sport we have seen the weird and wonderful and in the case of Wrexham AFC, we’re just about to see something a whole lot weirder.

When Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney announced their intentions to buy the Racecourse club, fans in the area and up and down the country could scarcely believe it.

The evening it emerged I spoke to numerous people who said it was a load of bull****, was made up and fake news.

But if you think about it, it would have been a pretty weird lie.

Now, a few months on and the two Hollywood A listers have acquired  more than the 75 per cent vote they needed to takeover the famous old club.

They told 2,000 Wrexham shareholders on Zoom last week they wanted to turn Wrexham into a global force, describing the club as a ‘sleeping giant’.

£2 million worth of investment has been pledged by the pair, but I doubt they’ll be capping it at that giving the enthusiastic way they’ve outlined their plans for the club.

It is an unbelievable story that has stretched the club beyond the pages of the town’s newspaper The Leader, to columns in the broadsheets and the nationals for the first time in decades.

Like many other clubs Wrexham have dropped out of the league and never recovered. In stature you could argue they are a Football League club with their fan base.

But the fact is they’re not. They have to earn that right again. And the Hollywood millions will go a good way to putting that right.

With the two owners basically acting as influencers for a Welsh football club, the limits for Wrexham in the near future are endless

They’re already planning a documentary about the takeover and the history of the club.

That alone would propel Wrexham to far flung corners of the globe where people know the A listers Reynolds and McElhenney, but haven’t the foggiest who the Dragons are.

When it’s released it’ll certainly be one for football fans, and will be a documentary you didn’t know you needed.

They’ve got stiff competition on the doc front, with the likes of Manchester City and Tottenham taking part in series in recent years.

But one things for sure, I’d rather see the man from Deadpool chomping on a chicken balti pie at Boreham Wood away on a Tuesday night, than watch Jose Mourinho berate another referee from the touchline.

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