How three lads in a boozer provided top notch entertainment, championed mental health and rose to the top of the podcast charts

There are many things that have taken off in the digital age, things that people can’t live without.

Social media and smart phones are just two examples.

Another is podcasts. They’re everywhere and so accessible that everyone is hooked by them, no matter what the topic.

So given the saturated market, especially in sport, it is no small feat to reach the top of the charts.

But that is exactly what two ex Football League players with limited media experience and a comedian have managed to do.

Launched back in early 2018, Undr The Cosh was designed to explore how footballers deal with life after football, with former Sunderland forward Chris Brown and a Bolton comic of the same name.

Brown’s good friend, Jon ‘The Beast’ Parkin was to be the podcast’s first guest, before getting on board as part of the pod.

What has followed in the two and a half years since has been nothing short of remarkable.

In that time the Cosh boys have amassed a huge following of loyal supporters while attracting guests from across the footballing spectrum who have kept fans belly laughing through every episode.

While the boys have invited big names onto the podcasts, the seasoned Football League professionals who have been around the block have been the ones to reveal some of the most fascinating and hilarious stories.

As fans will know, the stories of Mark Crossley playing under Brian Clough, Marc Bircham’s no curfew and Nicky Weaver’s Dublin booze up are just some of the top tales to come out of the Cosh conversations.

From a modest podcast it has grown into a beast, and to a point where the boys were able to announce a nationwide tour last year.

The dates were axed due to Covid, but the re-arranged shows are set to go ahead in early 2021 in front of thousands of the pod’s loyal followers.

While providing fans with entertaining and funny anecdotes in a look behind the footballing curtain, it has also struck another chord with many people. A serious one that impacts so many men and women up and down the country.

The way the boys have spoken so openly about the topic of mental health, and the way they’ve allowed their guests to reveal their own battles in a bid to help others might just be the pod’s biggest success.

The boys were set to go on tour this year – Picture – @UndrTheCosh

A string of fine footballers have spoken about battles with mental health when, maybe ten years ago, they’d have been afraid to talk about it.

Mental health in sport is more talked about now than it has ever been, and Cosh has given that movement a helping hand.

One tweet sent in recently, that was highlighted by Parkin himself, underlines the help and message that the podcast has achieved.

Even in lockdown the boys kept pumping out top quality to their adoring fans and private club members.

The lockdown quizzes and ‘friends’ saw the boys go bigger than just footballers, with the likes of Robbie Williams and Corrie’s Andy Whyment getting involved.

And now, two and a half years after the debut pod, the Cosh boys have hit the big time.

In a market where sports podcasts are produced by the countries top players, broadcasters and newspapers with bigger budgets, the Cosh boys sit top of the pile.

Real, open and funny stories have got them there.

They’ve captured the hearts of the real football fan.

Every episode is a joy to listen to and has the ability to turn a bad day into a good one.

Getting to the top against the likes of Jamie Carragher, The Guardian’s Football Weekly and BBC Radio Five Live’s Football Daily is no mean feat.

It is a huge feat, but one that is fully deserved after the hard work put in by the trio.

Covid permitting I will get to see the boys host a show live in Manchester in February.

And if they carry on producing episodes like they have been, it promises to be an absolute belter.

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